We are Omega Collective
An on-demand rapid prototyping team

Bring us in to make your SaaS concept a reality.

Product Design

An Icon showcasing product research service Product Research

We will do enough research to make sure that we discover your users pain points. We'll take a look at your competitors and create a set of actionable information for design and development.

An Icon showcasing UX/UI design service UX/UI Design

Our designers and developers work collaboratively to ensure we create intuitive interfaces that feel seamless and enjoyable.

An Icon showcasing prototyping service Prototyping

We will build quick and dirty prototypes to test concepts and refine your ideas. Visualize your product design in our tooling, before any time is spent on development.

An Icon showcasing product validation service Product Validation

We will make sure your ideas pass the "smell test" before any code is generated by performing user interviews and conducting usability testing. We will continue experiments throughout the design process.

An Icon showcasing our design systems service Design Systems

Ensure a consistent user experience across all platforms and touchpoint by creating custom design systems.

An Icon showcasing each service Brainstorming

Two heads are better than one! Get our heads into your brainstorm to get a fresh outsider's perspective.

Product Development

An Icon showcasing MVP our development service MVP Development

We can help you bring your ideas to life in a quick, yet cost efficient way. Get your product out there and gather valuable feedback from your customers.

An Icon showcasing our web apps service Web Apps

We bring years of experience in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) design and development. Let us build customized solutions that meet your business needs.

An Icon showcasing our websites service Websites

From custom business websites, to online stores, to marketing landing pages, we have you covered. We've designed, developed and launched hundreds of websites.

An Icon showcasing our ecommerce service eCommerce

Grow your online business with specialized software and integrations. Use the latest technologies to measure analytics data. Your users deserve a seamless experience.

An Icon showcasing our bespoke software capabilities service Bespoke Software

Do you have niche problems that require a little bit of creativity? Start a conversation today, we would love to hear about your projects!

An Icon showcasing each service Website Optimization

Do you have an existing website that you need tuned-up? We specialize in optimizing websites for lightning fast performance and make sure it follows all best practices.

Move swiftly, respond to customer feedback by bringing our team to the table

We can help you build your SaaS concept quickly
We've done this before.

Our team is composed of people who have been designing, developing and shipping SaaS products. We know what it takes to bring a digital product to life.

Save time with onboarding

We are a self-managed team. Save precious design & development time by bringing in a team that already gels together on day one.

Building a prototyping team can be complex

Dealing with freelancers or contractors can be frustrating. With us, you don't have to worry about finding an adequate team, we've got you covered.

Our Pricing

Too busy to work on skunkworks projects?

It can be difficult for scrappy startups to budget extra time and mental space to work on promising side projects or new ideas. Bring in an external team to iterate through a few versions before you mobilize your in-house staff.

Small project


3+ Person Team
30hrs/mo Dedicated To You
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Communicate via Email / Phone
Chat via Slack / Discord / Text
Track Real-Time Progress Via Trello Board
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Regular project


3+ Person Team
120hrs/mo Dedicated To You
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Communicate via Email / Phone
Chat via Slack / Discord / Text
Track Real-Time Progress Via Trello Board
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Are you ready to discuss your project with us? Let's schedule a chat.

Whether you are looking to pitch a demo to an investor or freshen up your online presence with a website redesign, we are here for you.

Discuss a Project discuss a project

We take a lean approach to rapid prototyping

An in-house team is a great option. However, it can be costly and time consuming to assemble the talent needed to begin prototyping a SaaS product.

Yes! Get in touch with us to discuss details. Keep in mind that we are a small team and we do not take on too many projects simultaneously.

We can provide temporary hosting during development, but ultimately this is your product and the ownership and maintainence of the website will be transfered to you.

We stand behind our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Whether you need revisions or additional work, we will make sure that your business needs are met. We are a team of professionals and we are here for the hard stuff, we won't leave you hanging.

For small short term projects, we move faster if we stay off Slack. However, we realize that communication is paramount, so we do join your official company channels for longer engagements.

We're small, scrappy and we've shipped a lot of websites.